by Nowforever13 AKA planetboom1313 

Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire with the mind and chi energy 

here is a training exercise

Pyrokinesis Meditation  Visualize yourself in a volcano And red veins inside of you lava is pumping through my veins and getting hotter  get dry peice of paper and visualize the red veins popping out of you and acting like  fire moving towards the paper and it being set on fire Also meditating around fire may tremendously help your progress in pyro or you may also stare into the fire which also helps your visualization in pyro  Pyrokinesis training #1Put your hands around the flame and focus your energy towards the blue part of the fire ( CAREFULL not to close or you will get burnt)  if the fire starts to wave around and move unnaturally congratulations you just sucessfully completed the dancing flame technique  

Conjuring fire by greenfire9  

There are many ways to just conjure fire(that is once you feel you have a good connection) and if you are conjuring fire in thin air that is difficult as this takes allot of energy to do  

First it is good to know thermokinesis-the ability to change heat in space.In the space or thing you want to conjure fire   

1-visualize your energies are like fire like you are are made of fire,now make a point in space  

2-,distorting the air around the space ,like from heat distortion ,then start to visualize flames  

3-visualize the flames getting hotter and hotter or changing color for the heat , or if you are direct vibrate the energies to heat the space.Make everything seem like fire is there light,sound,heat,smell,and of course your connection to the fire   

4-keep putting more and more energy into a point or ball or whatever construct you are using,the bigger the flame size the more energy    

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