This is the ability to move objects ,either micro or macro.This page is for techniques and experimental ones.Keep in mind that you should have good energy manipulation and visualization in order for certain tequncs to work properly.

Understanding for telekinesis-

1-know that everything is made of energy and matter ,you must have intent to move the object with force from your energies.

2-don't think about if it is possible or not just visualize the object moving in the way you want feel the object.

3-to make moving the object easier just think it either has no weight or is easy to move,

4-relax yourself don't waste energy and effort on the thought of showing your concentration in the face or straining you physical self.

5-meditation is always helpful for both clearing you mind,concentration and improving visualization

visualizations for telekinesis-

tech 1 plain force-

1-find an object with a weight that feels good pick a light object for beginners and once you feel you have a good hold on that weight move to a heavier one.

2-place the object at a distance you feel comfortable with and in a place you can see it moving obviously.(graph paper is good for seeing this and recording movement).

3-stand or sit try not to lay down ,as you are raising your consciousness mind to a higher state. Always be comfortable.

4-look at the object,on one side channel your energies at that small part.

5-now you have to make a good connection.try to make you projected energies part of the object and push it.

Notes-if the object is not moving dont try harder just convince youself that it is light and that you can move it.This is one concept of perspective which can be explained here...

frame photo telekinesis-For this you visualize the object,look at it ,feel the objects entirety with your mind.Then focus on the part of the object that you may think may make it move.Then like in a old movie with many frames or pictures visualize the object moving in the way you wish make sure you see the visualization of the other end or part of the object showing in said visualization.Keep adding more and more frames you can make them move faster and faster for quick results.if the object starts to move even here good job,but you can add forces like a hand that moves the object ant thing that can touch the object (not physically you) but a manifested one,also so the object moves have in ind not just the object but the awareness of your manifestations.Like the hand needs to be able to feel the objects' parts to have an interaction solidity.

object resonance-

1-project your energy to the object ,try to find the objects vibration or signature by using intention

2-do you feel a vibration or hear it?

3-once you have the information needed project that energy back in a repelling way, like a magnetic field

4-connect with the energy and try just moving the object by playing back the harmony sound,basicly think of this like normal telekinesis but your using the sound of the object's energy for a better connection.Record and play back

Levitation techs


Hook In line2 10585.1382036605.1280.1280

it may be like this with the chain on the left being the object

1-visalize a hook any color or shape

2-make the hook sink into the object(puncture)

3-focus on the point where the hook punctures or loops the object

4-make a chain connected to the hook this can be done before #2

5-visualize the hook moving up and the hook through the object

A good object to start with is a soda can where you can hook through the top

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