Road Forcefield

doesn't actually look like this

A shield is a basic defensive construct used to protect the energy worker from attacks or in some cases to control abilities(i.e. empathy.) It is very basic to shield and is often suggested that every newer person should practice this skill.

Types Of ShieldsEdit

Bubble ShieldEdit

A bubble shield is a shield that is basically a giant psi ball around the person. It often contains no programming besides the shape, and is often shelled. This shield is denser than others for extra protection. To create one just create a giant psi-ball around yourself and keep adding more energy.

Marshmallow ShieldEdit

This type of shield is a shield that absorbs attacks and grounds them. It is called a marshmallow shield because it is often thick and fluffy to slow constructs before they are grounded or absorbed.

Mirror ShieldEdit

This is a shield that reflects attacks back. Most people create the shield in a manner similar to an actually mirror although this is unnecessary and often creates several weak points.

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