Projection is projecting part of you out of your body, astral projection is one of the most commonly known. After I first started projecting, my friend had the same affect when he did it too, I found it harder to move my body around, write, and my words were slurred.

Astral projection: projecting your mental body out of your own body. The mental body is the body which is your mind and cannot be touched when projecting, except by using psychic powers. The astral body is what allows you to use your ESP skills for the most part. This bodie's element is air.

Spirit projection: projection of the spirit or passion body. This body also can't be damaged except by using the power of the spirit itself, this means it's will power and passion. The passion determines firey emotions such as anger, rage, and lust. The element of this body is fire.

Ethereal projection: This body determines emotions like sadness, pity, and non-firey emotions. When projecting this body it can be injured and you can die. The element of this body is water.

Exomental/mental projection:this projects your consciousness to where you will,it has strong ties to the astral projection world.This projection type can lead to full on astral projection if done right.

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