These 3 important principles are very important for any learning of any psychic art.When combined in the right way you can do many things after much practice.

This page is devoted to manifesting and manipulating thought into phycal reaility.At first glance this may seem obious for a more expierenced psion or totaly new for a beginer.

First lets start out with constructs, that is energy constructs.There are diffrent types of energy all depending on the origen and intent it has.Energy manipulation is important to know of course.If you dont think it is there then your manefestation will be weaker

If you can visalize what you intend to manifest as say electricty you have to know what it may contain.These are what may be considered aspects or depictions of what you are manefesting.Touch,smell,sight,hearing and sometimes taste.If you are to manefest You have to replay or create a feeling of what you are attempting to do thats the visauaization

Intens can be thought of as the purpose or overall what the manefestatation is suposed to do.What you intend for your manefestion

and what really happens is two diffrent things.This may have a dependency not just the person who is manefesting it may be an energy interfereence (that is a differnt energy that crosses paths with your energy and messes with your intents)

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