It is possible to achieve infinite energy,you have to know about constructs/programming and energy manipulation in order to do this.


-the techs that I will share may put allot of stress on your energy systems,so you have to reconstruct yours

-know that zero point energy has no location so you may feel overwhelmingly powerful but, you are not unless you make a conversion of negative to energy.

-know all energy is only relative to what intent it has,elemental,living,death,possibly/chance,positive as opposed ,so all you need is intention to do this

-to make relative energy from nothing you have to believe that you can,do not focus on what you can't.Don't think about it,just do it.



infinite constructs-

Forced energy -this is very hard,but effective if done right

1-focus on your entire being while you are standing

2-Make intent to make energy,just do it don't think with any logic just do it. push intent out of you,use your emotions if you have to.force the energy away from you to the place or person you want

3-if your energy levels rise use that energy to make you focus and intention stronger like a exponential rise in energy

note-you may feel really dense if the energy is not converted to balanced forms

4-will the energy to the form of which you want

5-if you feel you are getting either positive or negative ,focus only on the creation of pure energy

6-keep thing or saying to your self that you are infinite,that you can do anything

7-always completely believe that you are making energy .know that existence itself is neither a value but you are intent of what you are that time neither negates your existence because it does not exist.You are fulfilled into being on limits as there are none you are will not the limit of it.

tech 2

1-in any place visalize a light or just a focused area of energy

2-in said area expand the energy like it is raditating energy

3-now think of radiating energy from nowhere, it helps to visaulize a white space before hand and take energy from that infinite space

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