This is one of the most important concepts to know and understanding and ultamtly feeling and manipulating what is necessary for psionics.

Energy goes hand and hand in manipulating and visualization ,first and foremost people who have any interest in any thing for any ability.Feeling energy may take different time periods as we all are different.

There are many methods in which one may be able to feel energy ,to feel energy in the first place is the first hurdle for anyone who is interested in psionics.Psi,energy,ki all are the same terms for the same thing ,although each may have an intention(an idea or thought to make energy behave a certain way) a construct is when you give intention energy or shape.''Where your mind goes energy follows'' this is true that where you will energy to go you have to make the channeling of energy focused.

how to feel energy-

coldness-when you are cold do you notice that it feels like something electric or needleish,next time this happens focus on any feeling of the cold,focus on a part of the body make your attention go to one place.Then try to manipulate it in some way like to feel warmer ,colder,more electric.To do this think of a time when you personaly expierenced an effect then apply this to that area of yourself as you see fit.

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