Enchanting is when you put an intention\effect in an energy then put that energy in the object or imbue the object with the intentions\effects so it does it. Putting an intention into a physical object is harder because it is denser but if you were to do this you could in theory alter reality visibly, such as moving mountains and teleportation. Energy is a lot less dense and therefor is easier to put an intention into. ONce you put an energy you can infuse it into an object having that energy affect the object for a preferable outcome, such as good luck energy to make an object lucky or bad luck energy to curse. You can also use the energy with intention, which is basicly energy manipulation, to do telekinesis and other abilities or directly put the intention into the object. You can also put intention directly into something, I suggest it corresponds with it's nature or else it's nature will make it go back afterwards or doesn't conflict with it, you can also use this for telekinesis but it might move back on you. I've managed healing myself and visibly seeing a change but that corresponds with the body's nature. By doing it with an outside energy you are basicly doing the same thing to it as picking it up and moving just with less force, usually. You can trick the object to stay there when doing the more direct version. ~SeanA

Tech 1 by Greenfire9

1-visualize the object and everything about it.scanning can be helpful here too.

2-think about what intention you want in the object

3- use energy manipulation and visualize the intention flowing into the object and a way to activate it.Like touching it or being in it's field

4-keep flowing intention and energy into the object until satisfied

5-now ground the energy into the object so it stays long, the intention is like a seed that sprouts roots visualize as such.Then make the energy grow with roots,completely engulf the object.It helps to have a colored glow for 2 reasons:1 so it is easier to track and 2 colored energies genraly have more intention naturally.

6-you can try to enhance the intention by either putting more or by expanding the energy field

note-to have more potent effects you need a way of unleashing all those energies and achiveing the goals intended.You need to know how to program energies

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